Skyview High School

General Acrylics is awarded the reconstruction of the running track and replacing of the natural grass with synthetic turf on the football field at Skyview High School in Thornton, Colorado. General Acrylics and Astroturf proudly reconstructed the running track and the football/soccer field for Skyview HS. This site had many challenges throughout the construction process, but in the end, the school, the district and the community are all very pleased and proud of their updated sports facilities. There were existing poor soil conditions and drainage concerns that we had to design build/engineer before mobilizing and once again when we encountered substandard subgrade conditions during construction. In addition, the running track was sloping from the inside lane to the outside lane and therefore we reconstructed the slope to allow for proper drainage (outside lanes to inside lanes). These are the types of scopes we take a lot of pride in: where we can resolve pre-existing concerns and create a safe and well-built product at completion!

Skyview HS now has a new all-weather polyurethane running track system installed as well a durable 52 ounce Astroturf synthetic turf field system that has an awesome mid field logo!! In addition to the track and field at the stadium, there was also a 100’ x 60’ area of new Astroturf synthetic turf that we installed for multi-purpose use on campus.

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