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Synthetic Turf Field Construction

Proper site, base, and drainage design are crucial to the success of a synthetic turf project. At GA Sports Construction, we provide complete design/build turnkey construction services. With years of experience, we can help you build a facility that meets your needs and specifications and provides the best possible playing experience.

  • Accommodate the variety of sports and activities to be held on the field
  • Provide solutions to site and field drainage
  • Integrate all important elements such as a running track, bleachers, lighting and access
  • Ensure the facility meets all requirements and recommendations for rules of the sports and safety
Synthetic Turf Field Construction

Synthetic Turf Construction Process

.01 Removal of Sod
Removal of Sod
.02 Sub-Grade
.03 Drainage
.04 Base Install
Base Install
.05 Turf Installation
Turf Installation
.06 Completion
Football Field Completion

Synthetic Turf Installation

GA Sports has been installing synthetic turf since 1998 and we take pride in representing the original and most renowned name in the industry - Astroturf. Since the installation of the first synthetic turf field in the Astrodome in 1966, the Astroturf brand has been known for its cutting-edge technology and premium quality playing fields.

Our professional customer service representatives at General Acrylics are available to assist you in selecting the most suitable Astroturf product for your needs, taking into account the specific use of the field, budget constraints, site location, and climate concerns.

Astroturf has an unparalleled research and development division in the synthetic turf industry. They offer a wide range of turf products that are specially designed for different sports like football, softball, baseball, soccer, field hockey, or multipurpose. The turf products are made using a variety of fibers and fiber combinations that address concerns such as maintenance, durability, heat retention, and aesthetics.

GA Sports Construction utilizes factory-certified installers who employ innovative methods to seam and inlay markings and logos.


Synthetic turf sports fields provide numerous advantages to the athlete and the owner including:

  • Consistent playing surface for the athlete
  • Reduced time and cost of maintenance
  • Water conservation
  • Enables increased usage of field.
AstroTurf Logo
AstroTurf Field Configurator
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Synthetic Turf Installation

.01 – Turf Roll-Out
Turf Roll-Out
.02 – Turf Installation
Turf Installation
.03 – Seaming Glue
Seaming Glue
.04 – Install Logo
Install Team Logo
.05 – Infill
.06 – Completion
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