Clay Courts

Clay Court Construction

General Acrylics constructed the first HydroGrid® Clay courts in Arizona in 1987.

The HydroGrid® system, created by irrigation specialists, is designed to ensure fast drying of tennis courts while providing precise watering to the playing surface. This system maximizes playing pleasure by maintaining a controlled, uniform moisture level of the base material throughout the court. Every HydroGrid® installation includes a full six inches of base material and is tested by an independent laboratory. This allows water to reach the clay surface through capillary action, without the need for pressurized lines beneath the tennis court surface.

Clay Court Construction

Since the first HydroGrid® installation in 1991, nearly 2,000 HydroGrid® tennis courts exist around the World. No other patented subsurface irrigation system can make this claim!

No Down Time!
Courts are never shut down for routine watering. Courts are watered from below and can stay in play during watering.
Water Savings!
Efficiency in the system design cuts water usage in half! Water savings begin on day one and over the life of the court can be phenomenal.
Maintenance Friendly!
Less surface erosion requires less replacement of surface material, cutting maintenance time and maintenance costs in half.
Pays For Itself!
HydroGrid® courts pay for themselves in 2.5 to 3 years and keep saving you money for years after.
User Friendly!
An off court control box is simple to use, allowing watering times and amounts to be adjusted for day or night automatic watering.
Cooler Courts!
The playing surface can be twenty percent cooler (or more) compared to hard courts. Playing on a cooler court in hotter climates greatly adds to the comfort of the players.
Fine Tuning!
HydroGrids® can easily be wetter or dryer as desired by minimal dial adjustments. A wetter court encourages a slower ball speed and longer rallies. A dryer court encourages faster play.

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