Court Repairs & Renovations

Court Renovations & Repair

GA Sports Construction provides a variety of options for repairing and resurfacing courts. With over 56 years of experience, we are well-equipped to examine your court and suggest a system that suits your requirements and budget. Our services range from fixing cracks to entirely resurfacing the court, ensuring that your court is back in action.

  • We offer many Resurfacing options for asphalt & concrete courts
  • Removal of unstable coatings & resurfacing
  • Specialty surface systems for use over cracked courts
  • NGI Sports "Pro-Bounce" court system
  • NGI Sports Sand filled Synthetic turf courts
  • Crack repairs
Tennis Court Renovations & Repair

Color Coatings for Concrete and Asphalt

Since 1991, GA Sports Construction has been producing Gameco Acrylics, which are color coatings designed for both concrete and asphalt surfaces.

This unique formulation creates a uniform, non-glare colored surface that's ideal for recreational facilities and general foot traffic.

While originally intended for use on concrete, these coatings are versatile enough to be used on asphalt as well, thanks to their excellent adhesion criteria.

  • These coatings are designed to withstand the harsh southwest climate, manufactured using only the highest quality 100% Acrylic resins and pigments
  • Gameco products have been installed across the US and in humid-wet climates like Guam making them durable in all environments and conditions
  • Provides for quality control & product availability
  • Available in Ten popular standard in-depth vivid colors, and five special colors
  • Ability to create custom colors
  • Durable, long-lasting textured surfaces that can be formulated for slow to fast playing courts
  • Special cushioned systems
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