Prescott High School

General Acrylics, along with AstroTurf, is very pleased to announce the completion of our project work at Prescott High School. The facility is currently being enjoyed by student athletes as well as the general public and the reviews have been phenomenal.

This facility has the proud distinction of being the first high school campus to have a post tensioned concrete running track constructed in the state of Arizona! In addition, the Prescott Badgers chose to have a blue polyurethane (rubberized all-weather surface) installed atop the new concrete construction to supplement mascot colors. This not only gives them an upgrade from the old latex system they previously had, but also makes it one of the few blue running track surfaces in the state of Arizona. This new application also utilizes a water-based structural spray, making it more environmentally friendly than traditional applications.

A new AstroTurf synthetic turf football/soccer field was installed within the track oval. It was constructed using a heavy-duty 60 oz. face weight product that comes with an extended warranty and includes state-of-the-art Rootzone technology which makes the field safer for student athletes (a top priority for both district and team) and reduces maintenance. For additional safety, a rubberized shock pad was installed underneath the synthetic turf system with the aim of further protecting against possible head traumas.

To protect this investment the district chose an annual maintenance plan with General Acrylics in addition to the regular grooming that they will perform in-house throughout the year. Almost one year after the board awarded this opportunity we can look back at this completed installation and say it is one of the most modern, safest, and cosmetically appealing installations in company history and we have received raving reviews from those that have seen and utilized the facility.

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